metal construction beams vector isolated on white

ADS Ltd services for structural design includes all beams, columns, posts, footings, rafters, joists, pad stones etc…

We can also provide construction drawings/ Building Regulation submissions for other aspects if required.

All design is in house, we do not subcontract out so the design is fully coordinated.

We pride ourselves in giving sufficient detail such that contractors can accurately price the works.

What is Structure?

Any building is supported and prevented from falling down, sliding or tipping over by  its structure.  This structural form can be in many shapes and many materials e.g. masonry, concrete- reinforced or plain, metal, timber, even contemporary glass and plastic. Within each material there are a range of types  to consider e.g. hardwood and softwood, aluminium and steel all with differing properties , strengths and weaknesses .  A combination of geometric shapes and materials affects gives the structure is strength.

Structure is affected by the mass of the construction materials and loads imposed by using the building.  Those imposed loads differ depending on that  building use . It must withstand wind loads and that itself is affected by its position on the planet.

The structure bears on soils or strata that can support the mass of the structure and that soil or strata can be variable e.g. rock, chalk, sand, clay, silt.

Each material and each  load  needs a safety factors  and they differ dependant on the probability and risks involved in failure. theses are general laid down by codes of practice and standards which the engineer has to adhere to.

All these different aspects are considered by the Engineer in the sometimes complex structural calculations that produce what seems to be a very simple structural scheme.


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